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Group Information:
Capoeira Angola Palmares London is a contemporary Capoeira Group led by Mestre “Axe” an authentic Capoeira Master and a student of by Grand Master “No” the head of Capoeira Angola Palmares in Brazil
The school comprises of a wide network of dedicated students at all levels of ability.
Learning Capoeira is a fully enriching and engaging process, suitable for anyone who loves and energetic yet relaxed approach to things. It includes dance, martial arts, social sports, theatre, and a healthy positive worldview appropriate for anyone regardless of age, race, gender etc.
Lessons and training with a qualified and knowledgeable instructor include exploring a wide variety of Afro-Brazilian cultural history, music, natural philosophy, strategies for self-awareness & self-protection, graceful and fluid social conduct and etiquette through a focus on capoeira ritual and cosmology – and of course: learning to play Capoeira with humour, wit, and style!

Class details
Wed : 6:00pm-8pm. Children free , £10 adults , concs available
Morningside Community Centre , Collent Street , Hackney, London, E9 6SG
London Borough of Hackney
Nearest overground rail station: Hackney Central or Homerton

c/o Flat 18 Alva court
146 Lower Clapton Road
United Kingdom

How to contact:
Please call Mestre Axe on 07856 032553
or Steve “Palmares” on 07725 567875
07856 032553